I’m a Chicago—based multidisciplinary artist, currently working as a designer, art director, photographer, and filmmaker. I started RUIZ (roo-EEZ), a fashion label that focuses on storytelling through various mediums, in August of 2015. In 2016, I found END/LESS (endless), a group offering creative and commercial services.
Timeline —
10.17 Released FREEDOOM short film and collection for RUIZ.

03.17 GLORY short film premiere at Underground Justice Basement Party. Hosted by Fuerza Del Sol.

11.16 Found END/LESS

09.16 Screwed over by the state of Illinois and dropped out of Columbia College Chicago temporarily. 

08.16 Directed my first music video, Paris Williams’ Cute/Dummy

01.16 Learned how to screen print. Special thanks to Andy Warhol.

09.15 Began to study fashion design and fashion business at Columbia College Chicago.

08.15 Started RUIZ.

06.13 Discovered my passion for creating. Thanks to Kanye West’s Yeezus.

11.10 Began designing on GIMP.

06.06 Started my first YouTube channel where I posted skits and stop motion films with my brother and friends. Also learned how to edit on Microsoft’s Movie Maker.

04.97 Born in Chicago, IL. Thanks to my Mexican mother and Ecuadorian father.