Journals: January 2018

— January 4

Four days into the new year and I’ve been plotting on what to do next; I vowed to use this year to focus on my mental and physical health. Truthfully, I just want to be happy with myself this year and share that energy with others. Very excited to share Collection V by RUIZ later this year. Aiming to have it done before the summer. Lastly, I would like to thank Marci for inspiring me to start a personal online journal. Pardon for the odd style of writing, but this is how I typically write on my many thoughts.An addition to a couple of updates monthly, I’ll be adding 3 things I’ve enjoyed reading, watching & listening to (with links).

📖 Finding The Right Goals For You and Getting Started by Xavier Codie
📺 The Office on Netflex
🎧 Melodrama by Lorde

— January 14

Totally forgot to write last week, typical me. The past week was awesome! I linked up with some friends from a Twitter group chat on Friday the 12th. I also launched a new website and logo for RUIZ! Very exciting for me—I sent months developing both. I’ve also been addicting to crypto currency…like very addicted. I’ve moved almost all my LTC to alternative coins, haha. If anyone is down to talk crypto or be part of a chat who talks about it, hit me on Twitter!

📖  The 100 most influential people in crypto
📺 Design + Education panel, feat. Eric Hu, Hassan Rahim and Erik Brandt
🎧  Back to Black: B-Sides by Amy Winehouse